Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Finalizing Fourth

Summer is officially here! Jentry finished 4th Grade and celebrated with water games and a slumber party.



Jentry, Addison, Kyla, Ella and Mia

I am not sure how much sleep they got, however I know some sweet, summer memories were made.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Four Square Rule

This is an acceptable amount of toilet paper, right? This completely OK, right? This won't cause any major problems, right?

#lifewithsmallhumans #thankfulhedidntflush

Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day Dreams

As Mother's Day came to an end and I was reading Mason the Little Critter: Happy Mother's Day! book, I began to realize how much I could relate. It seems there is a universal understanding between all mothers of what we dream Mother's Day will be and what reality delivers.

I dream of a full night's sleep and 45 minutes of uninterrupted bathroom time ~ I wake several times with the baby and force myself out of bed early in an attempt to have 10 minutes to myself in the bathroom before Mason swings the door open mid-shower.

I dream of maple scones and flavored coffee on the porch but asked for something simple like cereal so that we don't have to add to the crazy morning of getting out the door on time for church ~ I receive a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and bacon made by my loving husband. I then listen to Mason complain about his toast being "toasted" and then clean up the greasy bacon plate that was forgotten in the microwave.

I dream of a peaceful, spiritual moment in church ~ I wrangle a naughty 4 year old while he breaks my new necklace, reprimand a sassy 9 year old for being an instigator and pray that the baby doesn't wake and need to nurse.

I dream of a delicious brunch at a fancy restaurant where dishes are someone else's problem~ I prepare a meal for 8 with the help of my mother-in-law because the restaurants are busy and it is also my father-in-law's birthday.

I dream of a nap in the sun with a good book ~ I help put all the food and dishes away while bouncing the baby on my hip.

I dream of a big surprise...a new garden fence with a bow or a small truck to haul my yard waste away ~ I continue to mow around flags and find creative places to dispose of grass clippings.

I dream of a romantic comedy on the couch with popcorn ~ I help heat up leftovers and get everyone a drink of lemonade...no water...no lemonade..in the other sippy cup!

I dream of having an intimate conversation with my husband as I slowly fade into sleep ~ I take turns getting each child tucked into bed with a fan and ice water and books and blankets. I pick up all the toys left outside. Then I fall asleep of pure exhaustion before I can even kiss my husband goodnight.

Dreams are good, even great sometimes, but having a realistic mindset in life and being able to gracefully adapt when things do not go as anticipated is far more valuable than diamonds. You see, if I had truly expected Mother's Day to play out my dreams then I would have been vastly disappointed. Mother's Day is not about me and being pampered. Mother's Day is a reminder that I have been gifted with theses three precious souls that depend on me. I am so very grateful that they come to me when they wake, when they are hungry, when they have questions, when they ask about Jesus, when they hurt, when they have something special to share.



As my eyes shut for the night, Nathan said "Well, I think your Mother's Day was pretty much perfect right?" I could not help but think about my dreams and how many of them were unrealized but then I thought about all the moments of real and how perfect they were. I would not have traded any of the real moments of the day for my "dream Mother's Day". 

Jentry surprised me with this darling journal and coupons for one free hair style and pedicure. This is more treasured than diamonds for sure!

Five Months with Fuzzy Buzz

Tucker is officially 5 Months old. His hair is growing in and straight up! We have nicknamed him "Fuzzy Buzz." He is still  not giving any real deep belly giggles, but he is squealing very loudly and smiling as if he is about to burst.

Tongue out Saturday! 


Those eyebrows though! 

Mason says, "tickle tickle"

Monday, May 7, 2018

Showing Some Leg

Oh glorious Spring you have finally arrived! Welcome May and all the miraculous things you bring. 

Wet kiddos snuggling with Spring

I have been waiting for some warm sunny days so that I can finally see these squishy legs!

Monday, April 23, 2018

TJ 4 Months

Tucker Jack is four months old and just the sweetest little boy. He receives a billion kisses a day from each family members and continues to smile. No real laughs have yet been given. He drinks about 5oz of milk every three hours. He goes to sleep very well around 8:30 PM and is usually up twice in the night to eat. Every once and a while he will treat his mama to a 8-9 hour stretch. He still likes to be in his swaddle wrap at night. He can hold toys and brings them to his mouth. He can roll from tummy to back and from back to side. He can sit supported and loves to stand with assistance.  

Lift the Hood